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Palla Sridhar from Palla Reviews

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Palla Sridhar from Palla Reviews

Blogger Name: Palla Sridhar

Blog Name: Palla Reviews

Blog About: 

Palla Sridhar from Palla Reviews blogs about Windows, MS Office, MS  Outlook, Computer Hardware, Software, Microsoft Products and Tutorials.

Self Intro:

I am part-time blogger. My interests include Microsoft, Health, SEO and Wordpress. I completed Masters in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur. I was diagnosed with Thyroid, Diabetes and Anxiety related problems in 2000. Lately, I am working as an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering full-time. Blogging is my passion to fill my creative appetite. I have been blogging for 8 years and most of my work is from research through Google itself. I experiment different things on my computer and give solutions to common problems.

Blog Launched on: May 2010

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Epic Write Up's from Palla Sridhar:

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